When we started the journey of producing None More American a little over 3 years ago, I really thought I had an idea of what the Army Football brotherhood was all about.
I thought I got it.
I thought I understood it - being part of a team, attending an academy, tough academics and military training, long days with unending requirements, followed by the shared active duty experience in the Army.
I had no clue.
None More American has been an incredible education and journey.  The bonds between these brothers - years after they have hung up the pads, after their military commitment is up, well into their later years - are unbreakable.
They all came to West Point for their own reasons.  They come from diverse backgrounds, a melting pot that is representative of America herself.   I thought there was a general theme that drove them to West Point.  I learned there was a heartfelt theme that made them stay.
Over the past three years, we have had so many people open their homes and their lives to us as we built this film.  We could not have predicted the way this would have played out or the level of cooperation we have gotten about the board.
And now the finish line is finally in sight.  November 23, 2016.  Submissions are due to the Tribeca Film Festival on that date, and we have built a plan that will allow us to submit.  But we still need help.
Thanks to the generous number of donors and investors, we have raised $225k for the film.  Our budget was over $300k, and we are on track to come in about $25k under budget, but we still need about $50k to complete the film.  That money breaks out as follows:
  1. $19,500 - Lead Editor - Final Cut of Film
  2. $4,000 - Composer (music)
  3. $15,000 - Final Coloring and Sound Design
  4. $5,000 - Assistant Editor - Final Cut of Film
  5. $2,500 - Post Production Interns
  6. $2,550 - Final legal releases, archive footage licensing
The edit team has started work on the final cut in our Philadelphia studios.  We are marching towards the finish line quickly, but we need all of the strong arms out there to clasp together to get us over the final hump.
We have set up a fundraising platform on our web site, and everyone who donates to the film will receive a cut of the film prior to this year's Army-Navy game.
For all who have supported this project, we would love to have you help a little more.  For those that have not, we would appreciate all of the help we can get.

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