Imagine being 18 years old. A high school senior. Multiple college scholarship offers. A shot to play division one football.  A world of options before you.

For many high school athletes across America, this is the dream. Those that choose to attend West Point, there is the very real opportunity to play Division One College Football against some top national competition.

But what happens when it ends? When there are no more games to be played? There is no NFL. No job position held back home. What lies in each athlete's’ fate? It is a scenario every athlete making the decision to attend West Point to play Army football must consider when playing days are over -- fulfilling a 5-year active duty military requirement while America is at War. While the commitment to join tied them together, it’s what kept these cadets committed to stay and fight that makes them unique to one another.

"None More American" profiles twelve former players that embody the true spirit of Army Football:  Selfless Commitment.  Brotherhood.  Fierce Determination.  Relentless Effort.  Young men who chose the more difficult path of service to country, sacrificing the typical college experience to prepare to lead others into combat, and who served honorably when called upon.

A world of support

Recollecting the birth of “None More American” from Executive Producer, Rob O’Sullivan.

The project was born on June 27, 2012.  The texts were coming through.  Cryptic messages on social media. The whispers became a steady stream of "No.  No.  It's gotta be a mistake."  An Army Football player had just been killed in Afghanistan.  There were no details.  There was just an enormous anxiety.  A sadness.  Dread. 

"When I received the news, it was via Joe Ross (former Army football player, Army-Navy game MVP, and fullbacks/special teams coach at West Point).   Joe was our primary contact for the "US Army Destinations" short-documentary program, and once he broke the news, this film became our mission." - Rob O'Sullivan

"None More American" will complete Spring 2017.