Versatility & Timely Delivery

A new product launch that revolutionized a method of treatment.  19 total videos.  Eight different languages.  3D Modeling.  Animation.  Live Action.  Set Build.  Studio.  On Location.  ISI animation.  Scriptwriting.  Rigid timelines.  Legal review (in the US and Europe - including France).  Multiple deliverable schedules.  Collaborative Success.

We understand the process.  We understand regulatory and legal requirements and oversight.  And we understand the pressures and constraints put on our clients.  We are here to make the experience easier and to set you and your team up for success.  There is nothing we love more than taking on a challenge and meeting it together.



Animating the Process

When kicking off, our client had intended to leverage animation for much of the project, detailing the key delivery system and its process of delivery.  Over time, it became evident that we needed to show the nurse and patient with the device - prepping it, applying it, activating it, demonstrating it, and then managing it.  We needed to show the patient experience, show the ease of use, and the result of the device's application.  We were able to build the entire process using both animation and live action instructional techniques, effectively communicating all key information.



Adapt & Execute

As with any project of this size, the original scope expanded creatively to best serve the objectives of the client.  Through a number of discussions and recommendations, we were able to present a comprehensive solution that exceeded the initial project deliverable set with no impact to budget.  That's one of our hallmarks - getting creative and developing solutions that exceed customer expectations while remaining within budget.